MySQL is nearly 15 years old, and now it is the ubiquitous database system for websites and many other environments. MySQL really is everywhere. Yet, it remains remarkably easy to get started with MySQL. If you just need to run it on a home system for an application that requires it, you can simply install MySQL with no further worries. But this apparent simplicity can be deceiving!

When you build a website with it or otherwise use it for aspects of a business, you need to get things better than "just running." MySQL offers many features and quite a few settings, and there are plenty of issues to consider in and around database=driven systems.

Many businesses get an expert to help with setup and keeping an eye on things as the system grows over time; however, many people are interested in knowing a bit more about the systems they work with-or at least rely on. Chances are you're one of those people, since you're holding this book.

Unlike a reference manual containing all features in "dry" form, MySQL Database Usage & Administration provides practical and easy-to-read information to look up and use while you work on something. Building on his earlier work, MySQL: The Complete Reference, Vikram covers the basics as well as many advanced and new features of MySQL 5.1, with examples and clarifications. It's a valuable resource you'll want to keep within reach on your bookshelf.

-- Arjen Lentz, Founder, Open Query,
Brisbane, Australia,
May 2009